Our Features

AppMonet provides a SDK-less native video mediation product that allows app developers to work with 100+ brand advertising partners via VAST/VPAID tags.

All Major Video SSPs Supported

AdapTV         AppNexus
InMobi             Aerserv
Smaato             Mobfox
LoopMe        AdColony
SpotX              Telaria
TappX             Rubicon
MobileFuse      RhythmOne
AOL                  Smart

Product Benefits

VAST/VPAID Pre-caching

AppMonet is the industry’s first in-app video player to support concurrent VPAID pre-caching (up to 30 to 50 demand partners), dramatically increasing effective video fill rate and revenue.

One Tiny SDK (50KB)

Integrate with the tiny AppMonet SDK once and use its dashboard UI to manage all ad partners without app updates.

Pixel Clear Video Rendering

AppMonet SDK uses Android/iOS native features to accelerate video pre-caching and playing.

Reduce Memory & Data Usage

AppMonet’s SDK watches the phone’s memory availability to ensure optimal video playing and to cut down data usage.

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