Meet Our New and Improved Dashboard

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Meet Our New and Improved Dashboard

AppMonet, a trusted mobile ad network, is excited to announce the launch of our new dashboard, which is now available to all AppMonet publishers! The new dashboard was built with our 200+ publishers at top of mind, taking into account the leading metrics and reports that our publishing partners have generated in 2019. Our goal is to give them a clear overview of all of their activities on the AppMonet platform, and increase the amount of control that they have. 

What you will see on the new dashboard

The publisher dashboard is comprised of in-depth and intuitive, charts, tables and graphs. They map out the main metrics and data points AppMonet publishers use on a daily basis. The key metrics include Clicks, Bid Responses, Requests, Impressions, Efficiency, CTR, Bid CPM, Winning CPM, Revenue, Fill Rate. It can also be customized to any timeframe and filters including Demand Partner, Creative Type, Country and Ad Unit

For any feedback or questions about the dashboard, please reach out to

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